Why Hire a Doula?

A postpartum doula is a supportive advisor and helper professionally trained to provide support to a mother and her family during the first twelve weeks after a baby.


A doula will help ease the transition to parenthood through hands-on care, support and education for mom and the new family reassuring and encouraging them to enjoy this precious time.

Mothering the Mother

Bringing a baby into the world is hard work!  New mamas need time to recover.  A doula enables a new mom to rest and bond with her new little one.  A good meal, a nap or maybe a shower is what you're craving.  A postpartum doula can watch baby while you have a little time for yourself.

An Extra Pair of Hands

Having a new baby means lots of new chores and the old ones don't go away either.  Having a doula around to help out with things like laundry, meal prep or changing a diaper can be just what a new mom needs.  And if it's your second or third baby, a doula can help entertain the older children while you're busy with the baby or help them adjust to another sibling.


Babies don't come with instruction books and every baby is different.  Having your first baby requires learning many new skills from diapering, bathing, feeding and the all-important soothing and getting baby to sleep.  Even a second or third baby may involve a learning curve for new parents as well.  Having a doula who is trained and has experience with lots of babies and their care can make all the difference.


As great as a doula is, we don't know everything and we don't diagnose or treat, but we do have knowledge of many available resources or services that could help if the need arises.  It's peace of mind that you aren't in this new world of parenting alone.

About Me

Personal Experience

I have four beautiful daughters, 24, 21, 18, and 14.  Being a stay at home mom for 20 years has given me tons of experience with babies and children of all ages.  I have worked in daycare and been a nanny  as well and I would love to bring my experience and care to your family.

What to Expect

Baby care basics, light housekeeping, meal prep, questions about your post-baby body- I can help with it all!  Care and support for all members of the new family during this time of transition is my specialty!


  • Welcome Home Baby:  Care from the moment you arrive home.  36 hours of care $650

  • Off to a good start:  24 hours of postpartum doula care  $450

  • The first 6 weeks: 60 hours of care $1000

  • Additional 4 hour shifts can be added onto packages starting at $80/shift

Shifts are typically 4 hours per day, two or three times per week, but can be customized to fit your needs. Hourly rates will be billed at $20/hour.



Internationally recognized organization for birth and postpartum doulas. 

Birth Assistant

Experience working as a midwifery birth assistant helping bring little miracles into the world.


CPR and NRP certified.  Bachelor's in social work.  Training in aromatherapy and natural health. 

Contact Info

The 4th Trimester


(317) 339-1513